Custodial Services - Supplemental (Chargeable)

A list of supplementary custodial services available to requesting departments.

Most of these services can be incorporated into a routine maintenance program. This list is not exhaustive; many other detail cleaning services are also available. 

  • Stripping and refinishing vinyl tile flooring. 
  • Shampooing carpeting. 
  • Machine scrubbing of lavatory flooring. 
  • Wall washing. 
  • Polishing furniture, cabinets, and walls. 
  • Interior window cleaning. 
  • Breaking down cardboard boxes. 
  • "One-time" cleaning (e.g., spring cleaning). 
  • "Pre-event" cleaning (e.g., carpet shampooing, window washing, vinyl floor scrubbing and buffing, etc.). 
  • "During-event" services (e.g., coat checking, restroom and corridor cleaning). 
  • "Post-event" cleaning (clean-ups following parties, receptions, catered events, etc.). 

Supplemental custodial services are always chargeable to the requesting department, and are billed at an hourly labor rate.

Estimates are available for supplemental custodial services. Please contact your Departmental Administrator or Office Manager to arrange for an estimate or supplementary service.