Maintenance and Custodial Services

A Facilities and Operations custodial member stands in the Jerome L. Greene Science Center lobby, with two framed pieces of art behind her.


Our maintenance and custodial teams work around the clock to ensure that all facilities on our Morningside and Manhattanville campuses are fully functional, safe and hygienic. The maintenance team performs ongoing renovations of common spaces, classrooms, restrooms, and grounds while providing services from carpentry and locksmiths to painting and more. The custodial team provides upkeep and cleaning services throughout academic and administrative buildings and undergraduate residence halls.

Visit the Facilities and Operations Design and Construction site to view active construction projects occurring on campus.

Maintenance and Custodial Services

Operations provides the following maintenance and custodial services:

Maintenance and Custodial News

September 11, 2023

Summer 2023 Construction Highlights

Summer is a busy time for Facilities and Operations. Although construction occurs throughout the year, the summer allows Facilities and Operations to perform a wide range of campus improvements when the campus is less populated, lessening the impacts to the greater campus community.