Safety and Compliance



Safety is our top priority. The Safety and Compliance team works with our campus partners to promote and ensure a safe and healthy work and learning environment for the Columbia community by setting safety standards, monitoring for compliance, providing technical support, and offering safety education.

A person with a checklist monitors someone in a safety suit performing work in a duct.

Safety and Compliance Guidance

Safety and Compliance provides technical assistance, consulting, and regulatory compliance support

A person wearing a safety suit and ventilator inspects a piece of equipment up close.
Environmental Protection

We help ensure staff are aware of regulatory requirements for inspection, storage, or reporting of equipment or goods that affect the environment.

A red fire alarm with a white handle that says pull down
Fire Safety

An effective fire safety program requires the involvement of the entire campus community. Learn fire safety tips so you know what to do in case of a fire emergency.

    Someone in a electrical safety suit and helmet makes adjustments to equipment using a very long crank.
    Occupational Safety

    We help create a safe campus environment by educating staff on safety standards and how to prevent workplace hazards. 

    A Public Safety officer stands at the welcome desk at the Morningside Operations center with a red box containing an automated external defibrillator.
    Public Access Defibrillation Program

    Our life saving public access defibrillation program is designed to help save lives on campus in the event of cardiac health emergencies.

    Safety and Compliance Services

    Safety and Compliance provides the following services


    Safety and Compliance News

    July 17, 2018

    Employees Who Go Above and Beyond for Safety

    Columbia University Facilities and Operations Compliance held its first annual Safety Excellence Awards Ceremony at Altschul Auditorium on June 26, 2018, and at the Studebaker Building on June 27, 2018, honoring 22 Columbia University Facilities and Operations employees for exceptional safety performance.