Fire Safety

Our Fire Safety team keeps the Columbia community safe by carrying out regular fire inspections within our facilities; providing fire safety oversight at events; conducting hot work site inspections; and by conducting intensive fire safety training and drills throughout the year in addition to skilled and thorough investigations when fires actually occur. These efforts combined with our close partnership with the FDNY ensure that if a fire does occur, we have the skills and knowledge to put it out quickly and protect the lives of our students, faculty and staff, as well as our neighbors.  

In case of a fire, storm or other dangerous event on campus, don't forget to check the Columbia Preparedness website. It's the University's central source for emergency information. 

Fire Safety Education & Resources

fire-extinguisher icon
Immediate Actions That Will Help You Survive a Fire

Review and memorize these tips so that you know how to react quickly and safely in case of a fire.

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Fire Safety FAQs

Answers to some of the most common questions regarding fire safety.

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Fire Safety Procedures for Those Living In Columbia Housing

Fire safety information specific to Columbia Housing facilities.

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Fire Safety in Laboratories

Details from Environmental Health & Safety for research spaces


Fire Safety Policies

Everyone at Columbia, especially our campus residents, should be familiar with these policies.