Doors and Door Frames

The Carpentry shop installs and replaces doors, door frames, and weatherproofing  This service is a chargeable, billable at an hourly labor rate, plus materials. 

When submitting a request, please provide as much of the information as you can to help us present a more timely and accurate estimate.

  • What type of door (i.e. wood, metal, glass, sliding, Dutch, double, with or without a window)?
  • Will the door be stained, painted, or refinished?
  • What is the approximate size (height, width, thickness) of the door?
  • Will a pre-existing door need to be removed?
  • What type of lock, if any, will be installed? Will it be a pre-existing or new lock?
  • How many keys, if any, will need to be made for the lock?
  • Is there a carpet? Will the door need to be planed or shaved to clear the carpet?
  • Will control access be required?
  • Will door automation be required?