Electrical Services

The Electrical Shop provides service to all Morningside and Manhattanville campus departments and buildings.  Among the many services provided are: installation of lighting fixtures and dedicated electrical outlets, estimates for large scale projects and the repairs and maintenance across the campuses.

Central Systems

Pre-existing primary and secondary electricity distribution systems and associated hardware are non-chargeable services:

  • Emergency backup generators
  • Interior/exterior lighting systems
  • Panels
  • Circuit breakers
  • Outlets/receptacles
  • Switches
  • Electric motors
  • Exit lighting
  • Emergency lighting

Local Systems

Local or departmentally dedicated electrical distribution systems and associated hardware are billable at an hourly labor rate, plus the cost of materials:

  • Specialized lighting systems (Research, Lutron)
  • Modular office partition lighting and electrical systems
  • Upgrades or alterations to electrical systems, such as:
    • Connections to new equipment
    • Installation of additional power and lighting
    • Expansion or modification of existing electrical systems to accommodate usage changes or load increases