Event Costs and Estimates

The actual cost for any event requiring support depends on several factors, including the time of day, day of week, amount of time and the cost of associated materials required to complete the job.

The different types, sizes, and volume of events coordinated by Events Administration make it difficult to provide estimates for every event type. Event planners can consult the furniture and tent rental rates for commonly used items and the hourly labor rates for Operations staff as a general guide, but do not consider these figures exact for the purposes of your event.

  • There is a one-hour minimum labor charge for all jobs, not including weekends, off hours and holidays.
    • The amount of time required for staff to support an event, as well as the amount of staff, is at the discretion of the shop supervisor or manager.
  • Certain tenting requests may incur additional fees covering New York City building and work permits (costs start at approximately $10,000) for which there is a 4-to-6 week lead time to procure.
  • If an event is canceled and support is no longer needed, the Events Administration team must be notified at least one business day in advance of the event date. Otherwise, the event may incur labor charges.