Recycling Metal, Glass, Plastic, and Beverage Cartons

Operations manages the University's recycling program in all academic and administrative buildings, consistent with New York City regulations.

The program requires separating the various kinds of recyclables including metal, glass, rigid plastic, and beverage cartons. Receptacles marked "Metal, Plastic, Glass, & Cartons" are generally found in hallways, pantries and dining and food-preparation areas. If you need more receptacles, please submit a service request.

Metal such as piping, appliances and furniture that's too large for the bins may be recyclable as scrap metal. Scrap metal is removed by Operations staff. A service request may be required for removal of large items.

Glassware from laboratories is recyclable through a separate recycling program and may not be placed in receptacles designated for "Metal, Plastic, Glass, & Cartons."

For more information on recycling, please visit the Sustainable Columbia website.